About the Sverige Bygger Nytt project

Over the next few years lots of buildings, apartments and roads will be built in Sweden. So lots of companies will need to employ more people.

Sverige Bygger Nytt is a project to make it easier for those who want to work in construction to find a job. The project will also make it easier for companies to find workers.

Sverige Bygger Nytt wants to create new ways for companies and job-seekers to meet. The project wants to help increase gender equality and diversity in the construction, property and building services sectors.

The Sverige Bygger Nytt project is owned by Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish Public Employment Service). The project is funded by the European Social Fund. The European Social fund supports projects in the EU that create jobs and help everyone participate in society.

The Sverige Bygger Nytt project is divided into four parts:

1. Recruitment of job-seekers

Sverige Bygger Nytt holds meetings for those who want to work in the construction, property and building services sectors. At these meetings, those looking for work can find out about job opportunities.

2. The Toolbox (‘Verktygslådan’)

The Toolbox (‘Verktygslådan’) is a way for job-seekers to find out what it is like to work in the construction industry for two weeks. Information and the work are adapted to the person’s experience and their level of spoken Swedish.

3. Professional training or validation of work experience

After two weeks, job-seekers can get more help if this is needed. Such as more training or support with how to find work.

4. Matching Work Experience Placement or employment

Job-seekers are matched with a company. You can get a Work Experience Placement at the company or get employment with the company.

Companies can also take part in the project
Companies participating in the project can get help with:
• Matching job-seekers with the company’s needs.
• Finding out how job-seekers are doing at work.
• Providing support when the company wants to employ someone looking for work through the project.

English and Arabic dictionaries
The company Skanska has translated a list of words that are common in the construction, property and building services sectors. The words have been translated into English and Arabic.
Click the link to download the list (PDF).

Want to find out more about Sverige Bygger Nytt?

Email: sverigebyggernytt@arbetsformedlingen.se